What Does Home Advisor Know About Metal Roofs?

I had a call about 6 months ago from a prospective client who wanted me to write them an estimate for a metal roof. I asked them if they were familiar with the different types of metal roofing available and could I explain the differences. After we hung up, I felt like this would be a sale.

Long story short, our estimator went and measured the house, and we put together an estimate. This house was not very big so the price was around $12,000. After we sent the estimate to them, we didn’t hear back for a couple of days. I called them to see if they were still interested, and their response was that we were WAY too expensive and that they had found someone to do their roof for about $7,000.

I am always willing to hear someone out, so I asked them if they could tell me what type of panel it was? Did that company offer a warranty? Where did they find this company? The customer replied that they had done their own research and that they had found the company on Home Advisor. After wishing them good luck with their roof, I decided to see if my estimate stood up against Home Advisor’s prices.

Home Advisor spends billions of dollars on buying Google searches. If you type any home repair related word into Google, usually Home Advisor is the first ad you see.

I typed in “How much does a metal roof cost?” My results had 3 different Home Advisor links, Angie’s List, Thumbtack and so on. Sure enough the Home Advisor website said that you could get a metal roof for as low as $5,140, but put the average at $8,000 for a 1700 SF home.

Our lowest price to put a new metal roof on a new 1700 SF home is around $8,000, so I was feeling somewhat better. The more research I did though, showed me that my prospective customer’s price using Home Advisor’s prices would be about $14,000 … actually higher than my price.

I hope that I am not wasting your time, but we repair fairly new roofs for people all of the time who didn’t know what they were buying, and who they were buying from.

Home Advisor makes about $60 or $70 each time they sell someone’s information to a contractor like me. If they sell that same info to 4 contractors in the area, they just made $240. I have spent hundreds of dollars chasing customers from these leads, only to find out that every other contractor in the area had the same lead from Home Advisor. Most people who use Home Advisor are just doing research and suddenly every contractor is calling them to make an appointment. I actually spoke with a man who cussed me out for calling him and said that if he needed a roof he would call. I quit buying leads from them that day.

Home Advisor doesn’t live in Gulfport, and they can’t explain the difference between the 20 different type of metal roofs that you could buy. We have installed hundreds of metal roofs from Houma, Louisiana to Niceville, Florida. We know which systems meet Ocean Springs’ building code, why you should not buy a screw down roof, and when it’s better to have shingles. We will…Call us today to discuss your interest in installing a metal roof on your home.

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