Metal Roofing

WE LOVE METAL ROOFING! It’s in our blood. In fact, some of us in this company have been installing metal roofing for 30 years or more.

However… It’s not for everyone, or every house, or every budget.

Metal is one of the most popular roofing materials on the coast. It’s sleek, yet strong appearance also gives it outstanding wind resistance. 

We install all types of metal systems and designs including standing seam, metal slate/shingle, exposed fastener panels, and even specialty roofing such as curved and coated metal roofs.

  • Extremely weather resistant, high wind rating between 110-160 mph (varies based on design; systems vary)
  • Typically lasts 30 to 50 years
  • Decreases cooling costs by not conducting heat into the home
  • Comes in numerous colors and coatings
  • Requires very little maintenance, if any at all

Standing Seam is considered the premium type of metal roofing; but also has the highest cost.  Standing seam is designed and installed as an interlocking metal roof system with no exposed fasteners. Because each panel locks to the next panel, this roof type has the highest wind rating available. Some commercial standing seam systems have been tested with winds over 200 MPH.

Standing Seam

Exposed Fastener is a cheaper alternative to standing seam roofing.  It has many of the same benefits as a standing seam roof, but also a few disadvantages.  Instead of a hidden screw and interlocked panel seams, these panels are attached to the roof with a self-sealing screw.

Due to the screws being exposed to the elements, they will loosen and stop sealing over time. This has the potential of creating a leak anywhere on the entire roof. In fact every little screw-hole is a leak ready to happen, sooner or later.

Exposed Fastener Panel with Screws

We wind up completely replacing all of the screws for many of our customers that have older roofs with exposed fasteners.

We can use a larger screw to prevent stripping of the old hole.
A very common problem is where the old screw completely “strips out” in it’s original hole. What we wind up doing is going back in with a larger screw. Overall, this is a relatively expensive repair that could cost as much as 30% of the original installation price.

Exposed Fastener Panel Showing Screws

So do the math: Pay a little bit less for a roof with exposed fasteners, and pay 30% of that price again again in 10 to 20 years to replace all of the screws on your roof.

Or you could pay a bit more up front for a standing seam roof, and never have to worry about it again.

Panel Comparison Chart

Cost $$ $$$
Lifetime Lifetime
Fasteners Visible Hidden
Years Before
Potential Repairs
10 to 20 Never have to
worry about it again.











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