Insurance Company Refuses Claim

“Can you just patch it so it don’t leak no more? I know I need a new roof, but it’s almost hurricane season. Maybe this year my insurance company will buy me a roof.”

Guess what? Insurance companies don’t like to buy new roofs! If your roof is old and ready for replacement,  your policy could be cancelled or your claim denied. Guidelines for adjusters paying claims gets stricter every season. Our weather has become more extreme and unpredictable in the last 20 years. Now, every hailstorm, flood, tornado, tropical storm, or hurricane that hits the US each year makes it more difficult to get roof claims paid.

If your home is an investment for you and your family like mine is, it is important that you make needed repairs around your home. Document each repair with video or before and after pictures. Keep all pics, videos, receipts, invoices, and warranties in a safe place, or upload them to the cloud.

If you don’t have cloud storage, you can easily set up google drive at:

I know several people personally whose home (you probably know someone who this has happened to) is unlivable due to not having enough insurance coverage or their claim was denied because of the condition of the home. Many of these homes still have mortgages on them and those people are paying a house payment, taxes and insurance, every month on a home that they cannot live in. It is becoming more and more important for homeowners to document the value of their home and any repairs or improvements.

Let us help you do a storm season assessment of your home, make needed repairs, and make sure you protect your investment.

Sound too expensive? Did I mention that we finance?

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